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Imposter Syndrome in IT

Imposter Syndrome in IT

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What is this Imposter Syndrome?

The imposter syndrome is defined as having doubts about your skill, talents, or accomplishments. This results in being scared about someone finding out you are a “fraud”.

Who is the Imposter?

You and I, we all are imposters. Well to define this a bit better, at a certain moment we all have our doubts or we feel that we did not deserve an accomplishment. Our path was bumpy and long, we had some help…

Fear not, it is completely normal! Within IT this is very common because the IT world is changing so rapidly, it feels almost impossible to keep up. You are daily doing tasks you have never done before, like figuring out a solution for a specific problem that has never occurred before.

Comparing the Imposters

We compare ourselves as humans with our peers, you see someone excel in a certain task or skill, and you feel that you want to be like them. At a certain level, this can give you a boost to improve your own work. But when the comparing takes control over your emotions, it can reflect badly on your mind.

Hello there Imposter!

Away with the Imposter!

Now your fight or flight kicks in, this is the moment where you need to overcome your fears and doubts!

In our world, we expect that someone calling themself an expert really knows the answer to all questions. This is far from the truth! I can tell you because I am an expert.

Never think you can’t accomplish the same as your colleagues. Start believing in yourself, and eat cake when you overcome a challenge. Stop comparing, you are unique, and nobody else took your path. You don’t have to follow theirs!

Everybody has his/her quirks, that’s just fine, get away with the imposter in your head!

Any tips?

  • Try practicing some kind of meditation, it will learn you how to keep your thoughts in order
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Take a breath and close your eyes for a minute.
  • Practice the art of thinking that everybody else is the imposter and you are the expert
  • Never stop improving yourself
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